Byrd & Belle Wooly Needle Wallet

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Made for daily use and small enough to fit in a project bag, the case will hold those long tools in a knitter's arsenal such as 6" DPNs, crochet hooks, rulers and gauges. 

The outside dimensions are 3.5" wide and 7" tall. It has two compartments so you can organize your needle sets or add rulers, gauges, hooks, etc. The full flap keeps everything secure and the snaps are smooth action, nickel-free spring-loaded snaps from YKK. All of Byrd & Belle's felt is 100% wool and in this design they use 3mm thickness for the body which is die cut on a vintage Italian die press. 

The perfect companion piece for this item is the WOOLY Dumpling #4 which when paired with the WOOLY Needle Wallet pics up the shorter, bulkier bits such as measuring tapes, tubes of darning needles, stitch markers and small scissors.


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